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It is just three easy steps away.

(1) Add 'Initial Setup' to your cart. This activates your service and notifies us directly so we can deliver your trash bin(s).

Initial Set-Up

(2) Pick the pick-up service you would like and add that to your shopping cart. You can choose Trash or Trash & Recycling combined with once or twice a week service to either your backdoor or simply street side.


(3) Proceed to checkout.


Amazing 'Add-On' services are available, please look them over and add them to your shopping cart


Don't forget to check the discounts and special offers menu for the latest and greatest promotions.


If you want to make changes or additions to your service, please log into your account first.

Initial Set-up

Reminder: The initial setup must be added to your cart. This fee covers your first cart, cart delivery, and processing. If you choose recycling as well, you will receive a set of clear or blue plastic bags for those items.


Logging Into Your Account

In order to log into your account, you can do one of two things.

1) If you're completely new and haven't made any purchases yet, click the button to open the menu. After doing this, scroll down a little and you should see a "Create Account" button. After clicking this you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, your email, and a password. After entering these four things, click "Create" and your account will be created.

2) If you've already purchased your first waste removal service from us, open the menu and select "Log In." This button can be found after scrolling a little on the menu above the "Create Account" button. After clicking "Log In" select the "Click Here" link under the question about accessing your subscriptions. You will then be asked to enter the email associated with your subscription purchase. After entering this info, click the green "Get Subscription Login" button and you should receive an email regarding your account.

Brentwood Disposal

Starting in 2021 with a passion for service and serving others, Brentwood Disposal is a new local, family owned and run business committed to consistent, reliable service – from live representatives and prompt responses to consistent pick-ups and optional services.

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